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Welcome to Easy-Key and WEBBS!

Easy-Key is a family of computer programs designed to help with the WEBBS projects run by MissionAssist, the new working name for Wycliffe Associates (UK) Trust. (Please note that much of the supporting documentation still contains the name "Wycliffe Associates".)


There are currently five applications in the family:

  • Easy-KeyEdit has been designed for use by keyboarders when keying scriptures and other texts.
  • Easy-KeyToolkit is used by administrators to update and check files which the other programs use.
  • Easy-KeyMerger is used to compare two files in order to arrive at a common, checked and verified file.
  • Easy-KeyConcatenate is used to take all the single chapter files in a book and merge them into one complete file.
  • Easy-KeyDeconcatenate will (with certain caveats) reverse the process of concatenation.

The programs may be downloaded from the Easy-Key website. Whilst these applications are mature, they are considered to be in various stages of development. That is to say that further developments are either being worked on or planned. At present, we support the following operating systems.

  • For an overview of the WEBBS process in a PDF document, click here.
  • For an overview of who does what with each of the Easy-Key applications, click here. (This is essential reading.)

Operating Instructions

In addition to the pages here, we have several individual documents (in PDF format) that take you through how to use some of the individual programs. You can download them from the relevant pages in this wiki or directly from here:

Working with PDF Source Documents

If you are keying documents whose original version is in PDF format, then these notes might be helpful.


A video demonstration of Easy-KeyEdit is available. Click here to watch it. Please note that this file is 5 MBytes in size so it may take a little while to download. Also, it uses Adobe Shockwave (or Macromedia Flash Player) which are available on most browsers. If you do not have a copy of either of these programs on your computer you can download Shockwave from here.

User Support

  • Details of how our support system operates can be found by clicking here. (Please note that we do not provide email support. We have a web-based system instead.)
  • We have a number of satisfied users already. To see some of their comments about the program, please click here.